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Can We Really Love Our Children Unconditionally?

New Essay in the New York Times I have a new essay out in the New York Times today. The title was a bit of a shock to me (I thought it was going to be called Piano Lessons) but maybe it gets to the heart of it. It’s about parents and children, the silent […]

Women don’t need assertiveness training, men need deference training

My latest piece for the New York Times, about the whole Lean In, ‘women- be more assertive’ genre of feminism and why it is based on a deeply sexist set of assumptions.   READ IT HERE       (Image by Kiersten Essenpreis)

Fear and Loathing in the Gig Economy

I have a new piece in the New York Times this week about the anxiety of constant self promotion in the gig economy and what that is doing to our psyches. “Being sold to can be socially awkward, for sure, but when it comes to corrosive self-doubt, being the seller is a thousand times worse. […]

TEDx talk!

I was both excited and terrified to do a TEDx talk last month.  I spoke about why, despite being increasingly obsessed with chasing an ideal of happiness, we are generally becoming more anxious and unhappy, and the single most important thing we can do to change that.  The video has just become available. I’m thinking […]

Happiness is Other People latest piece in the New York Times, about why a well worn self-help truism isn’t actually true at all. Read it here! And of course, if you want to read more, why not try my book, America the Anxious, now out in paperback!  Thanks for reading.

America the Anxious- out in paperback tomorrow! (10th October)

Excited to announce that America the Anxious comes out in paperback tomorrow, (10th October 2017.) You can pre-order it here. The book was a New York Post Best Book of 2016, a New York Times Editors Choice, a Sunday Times Top Summer Read and a Daily Mail Must Read. Here’s some of what people have […]

Radio interviews about America the Anxious

I’ve been doing lots of radio interviews in the last couple of weeks which has been slightly overwhelming but also lots of fun. Here’s a selection.

New interview with Ruth Whippman at

Last week I spoke to reporter Peter Moskowitz from VICE about America the Anxious, the secret of true happiness, and talking about mindfulness at the gynecologist.

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A selection of Ruth Whippman’s work in print. Click to read.