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Inflection Point’s Lauren Schiller Interviews Ruth Whippman about America the Anxious

A few weeks back I was interviewed on stage by KALW’s Lauren Schiller, the host of the fantastic show and podcast, Inflection Point as part of Uncharted, the Berkeley Ideas Festival. We talked about the cultural pressure to be happy and positive in America, the happiness industry and the fact that the United States is, […]

America the Anxious is a New York Post Editors Choice and a Daily Mail Must Read!

America the Anxious was a New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice this week, as well as a Daily Mail/ Mail Online Must Read!

Are Mormons the happiest people in America? America the Anxious in the New York Post

I did an interview with the New York Post about America the Anxious and some of the fascinating places I went while researching and writing the book. They chose to focus on the time I spent in Utah, staying with a Mormon family. Statistically, Mormons are the happiest people in America. But the reality is more complex than that.

Uncharted- Berkeley Festival of Ideas

One of the things I love about living in Berkeley is that the place has such a strong and vivid intellectual tradition, it’s a small city, but punches way above its weight in terms of the interesting people you meet living here, and the ideas that get discussed at your average dinner party (or in my case, hurried preschool moms’ meet up.)

interview with Ruth Whippman in the Washington Post

I enjoyed doing this interview for the Washington Post’s Inspired Read’s column. “Q: What did you find? Whippman: I learned that not only are Americans among the least happy people in the developed world, they also report the highest levels of anxiety. So here’s this country that prioritizes and values happiness — it’s there in […]

Ruth Whippman on the Brian Lehrer show on NPR

I was on the Brian Lehrer show this morning talking about America the Anxious,the American obsession with positivity and filthy supermarket bathrooms. Listen here

First chapter of America the Anxious excerpted on

Today is The first chapter of America the Anxious is up on today. Read it here.

Audiobook of America the Anxious Now Available for Pre-Order!

A few weeks ago I spent three days at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley recording the audiobook for America the Anxious. A few weeks ago, I spent three days at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley recording the audiobook of America the Anxious. It was a strange experience- fascinating and excruciating in equal measure. You know the hide-under-the-duvet feeling of hearing a recording of your own voice? Now imagine your own voice, reading your own words. Now it’s edited and available for pre-order!