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TEDx talk!

I was both excited and terrified to do a TEDx talk last month.  I spoke about why, despite being increasingly obsessed with chasing an ideal of happiness, we are generally becoming more anxious and unhappy, and the single most important thing we can do to change that.  The video has just become available. I’m thinking the overalls might have been a mistake!

You can watch the talk here,

Please share with your networks and if you feel like it, leave me a comment on the site- did you agree with what I said?  If not, why not?

And if you want to know more about how I reached these conclusions, or just want to hear a whole lot of oversharing about my life, you can read my book,  America the Anxious, How Our Pursuit of Happiness is Creating a Nation of Nervous Wrecks (called The Pursuit of Happiness in the UK– same book, different title.)